Warm Sea Acupuncture is on the cutting edge of technology in practice of the healing arts. Acupuncture and the associated modalities, though the staple healthcare for millennia, have in the recent past become more understood in function with the application of modern technology. New capabilities of actually monitoring, graphing, and recording the flow of energy through the meridians of the body, have improved diagnostics and can show results of treatment. The AcuGraph is the premier tool of this amazing advancement. With a few minutes of simple skin contact at various acu-points, a computer generated graph shows where there are blockages in this energetic flow, and how the body has become out of balance. The acurate diagnosis of known issues is astounding and enforces the reliability of the report on the unknown. We are proud to utilize the AcuGraph, and offer free screenings.

Another wonder of modern/ancient treatment is the use of electrical stimulation of the acu-points in lieu of needles.  We, on occasion, will use the StimPlus Pro device to introduce a flow of micro-current to stimulate the energetic meridian.

Auriculo-3D is a software that shows the acu-points of the human ear and which points relate to the treatment of various conditions. The database and diagrams are extensive.  Whether it is for needle placement, electrical stimulation, or ear seed application, this tool makes it easy to pinpoint (pun intended) the very numerous acu-points of the ear.  

Ancient Medicine of the Future

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